Ashland Neighborhood Association 2014-2015 Officers

Kathleen Linder, President
Andrew Smith, Vice-President
Bobbie Thompson, Secretary
Steve Stoltz, Treasurer

Board Members: Arleen Johnson (Fincastle), Ken Kurtz (Irvine), Cindy Leveridge (Richmond), Kathleen Linder (Irvine) , Nancy May (Irvine), Frank and Mina Mattone (Fincastle), Dixie Moore (Fontaine) , Andrew Smith (Slashes), Steve Stoltz (Irvine), Bobbie Thompson (Irvine), Matt Varney (Slashes), Tanya White (Slashes)

The Board meets monthly. ANA members and residents are encouraged to attend and participate. Contact a board member for time and place.

Community Services Phone List

Emergency 911
LFUCG (LexCall) 311, 859-425-2255
Police 258-3600
Fire (no emergency) 231-5600
Parks & Rec 288-2900
Traffic 258-3830
Waste Collection 425-2255
Lexington Humane Society (animal) 225-9033
KY American Water 800-678-6301
KY Utilities 800-981-0600
Columbia Gas 800-432-9345
Columbia Gas Emergency 800-432-9515

Neighborhood Events

The annual meeting of the ANA is usually held in the fall and on the grounds of the Henry Clay estate.

A neighborhood potluck picnic during the July 4th weekend is held on the Slashes median with a children's parade and often with a live band.


Mutt Mittens

The ANA provides "Mutt Mittens." About 15 years ago residents noticed that our nice green areas were in danger of  becoming very unsightly and unsanitary because of the number of dogs using them and owners not picking up afterwards. The city does not pick up animal waste. Our green spaces are used the year round for swings, Frisbee, touch football, picnics and get togethers.

To preserve those spaces for all of us, one of our members arranged with the city to install two Mutt Mitten stations on the Slashes  median if the ANA would maintain them and keep them supplied. The maintenance of the Mutt Mitten stations has been one of the most appreciated ANA projects. The ANA annually spends several hundred dollars publicizing their use and keeping the stations in Mittens, the plastic pickup bags.  Residents are encouraged to bring their own plastic bags.

Political Representation of the ANA

The ANA is in the fifth district of the Lexington Fayette County Government.

The ANA is in the 13th Senate District of the Kentucky Legislature.

The majority of the ANA is in the 76th House District of the Kentucky Legislature. The west side of Irvine Rd is in the 79th House District.


The Henry Clay Estate

Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate, a national historic landmark,  sits in the middle of the Ashland Neighborhood and gives the surrounding area its name. 

The site is supported by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Foundation relies on donations to preserve the 200 year-old mansion and six out buildings, and to maintain the lovely 17 acres that are open to the public 365 days a year.

The neighborhood is very fortunate to enjoy  a treasure that is recognized nationally and internationally, for its regional and national history, its  beauty and open green space. 
Click for a list of upcoming events at Ashland.


Gingko trees on Catalpa Street in the fall, photo by Evan Hillebrand.